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What We Do

 Our Vision 

The Early Learning System is Aligned, Coordinated and Family Centered


are raised in Healthy, Stable, and Attached Families

Children Arrive Ready for Kindergarten

Raise Up Oregon: A Statewide Early Learning System Plan, guides the work that we do. Read the full plan: 

Here are some of the ways we work to fullfill this vision on the South Coast: 

Home Visiting Systems Coordination

Every parent could use the support and guidance of someone trained and trusted to help them along the way. Maternal, infant, and early childhood in-home parent support programs help children and their families thrive. 

Voluntary home-visiting programs are offered throughout Oregon. To help connect them, the Ford Family Foundation invited Early Learning Hub partners to be part of a multi-year project. The project focuses on building regional practices and policies to strengthen collaboration between the programs, including regional common intake/referral processes, professional development opportunities and outreach tools.



Family Stories:

Experiences with local Home Visiting Programs

Learn More about the benefits of Home Visiting:

Learn More about the Home Visiting Systems Coordination Project in our Region:

P-3 Coordination

There is a growing recognition that achieving third grade success requires a strong continuum of support starting with prenatal development through third grade (P-3). With support from the Ford Family Foundation we are participating in the statewide P-3 Coordination efforts focused on research-based strategies that strengthen relationships between early learning providers, elementary schools, and families. Our goals are to:

  • Build a coordinated and aligned early learning and early elementary systems based on shared vision, strong leadership, and collaborative decision-making.

  • Strengthen engagement and partnership between families, schools, and early learning providers.

  • Improve the quality of early learning programs and early elementary classrooms through professional development and support within and across sectors.

Community Investments

Through funds from the Early Learning Division, SCREL Hub invests in collaborative and innovative projects in order to achieve our three goals. 

Here are a few of the programs that we have supported with these funds...

Coordinated Enrollment

With the passage of the Student Success Act, Oregon now has the resources to begin to expand access to Early Childhood Education Programs for low income families.  

In fall 2020 free publicly funded Early Childhood Programs, including Preschool Promise, will be expanded across the South Coast. Preschool Promise is a high-quality preschool model that is free to families that qualify and is delivered through a variety of types of preschool programs (school districts, Head Start, private center-based or in-home preschools)

The SCREL Hub is leading the Coordinated Enrollment Process for the new Preschool Promise slots in our region.  We are working with families to find programs that best meet their families needs, and with providers to ensure all programs have full enrollment.

Learn More about the student Success Act and ECE Expansion:

Learn More about how to enroll your child in a Preschool Promise Program: 


"Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean"

- Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

"Large-scale social change comes from better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated intervention of individual organizations."

- Stanford Social Innovation Review 

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