ECE Sector Planning

The Student Success Act: 

Raise Up Oregon, the statewide strategic plan for the Early Learning System, sets a bold vision for the future. In spring 2019 Oregon Legislature passed the Student Success Act, which will provide additional funding and resources needed to begin to realize the vision established in Raise Up Oregon.  

"The Student Success Act marks a turning point for education in Oregon. We can finally invest in an education system that will ensure every single student in our state is on a path to realizing their dreams for the future. What we have come together to do over the past few months will be felt by students, teachers and schools for years to come."
- Governor Kate Brown, July 1, 2019


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ECE Sector Planning: 

The Student Success Act Early Learning Account creates an exciting urgency to begin planning within regions and puts forth resources for Early Learning Hubs to lead this process.

This plan, an Early Care and Education (ECE Sector Plan), outlines a vision and road map for early care and education services in each region.  It is intended to engage communities in planning for a robust early care and education sector that results in at scale access to high-quality (culturally responsive, inclusive, developmentally appropriate) affordable early care and education that meets family needs for all, beginning with historically under-served populations.

Phase 1 of this planning process includes analyzing data to determine priority populations, engaging with families and providers, and evaluating current supply of care and emerging opportunities for expansion. 

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