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Why Does Quality Early Childhood Education Matter? 

Greatest Impact: 90% of brain development occurs in the first 5 years of life. Quality child care feeds a baby’s growing brain, building the foundation for the development and learning necessary for them to thrive as adults.

Long-Term Success in School and Life: Studies show that children that participated in high-quality early education programs are less likely to be placed in special education, less likely to be held back in school, and more likely to graduate from high school.  

Benefits Parents:  Stable, Quality child care allows parents to return to work, maintain stable employment and leads to financial stability. Access to quality childcare benefits not only families, but local economies as well. 

Return on Investment: Every dollar invested in high-quality birth-to-five early childhood education for disadvantaged children delivers a 13% annual return on investment. 

Reduces the Opportunity Gap: Research shows that at age 2, low-income toddlers are already 6 months behind in their language processing skills. High-Quality Early Childhood Education Program can bridge the opportunity gap. 

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Components of Quality ECE programs:

quality ECE 2.PNG

Image from Children's Institute Policy Brief 2019, Preschool Promise

What are the Benefits of Home-Visiting Programs? 

Every parent could use the support and guidance of someone trained and trusted to help them along the way. Some proven outcome of homevisting programs include: 

Parents confidence: Parents are more likely to feel empowered to meet the needs of their children. 


Safe and Healthy home environments: Positive effects on parenting such as providing a safe & stimulating home environment

School Readiness: Children entering kindergarten are twice as likely to follow directions, complete work on time, and work cooperatively


Family self-sufficiency; moms are 5 times more likely to be enrolled in an education or job training program


Return on Investment: Studies show an estimated  return on investment of $3.00-$5.70 per every dollar applied to home visiting programs due to families have fewer ER visits, reduced spending on child welfare services & less medical and educational assistance needed by participating families.


Healthy Babies: Mothers served in pregnancy were half as likely to have a baby born with a low birth weight which greatly reduced babies risk for health & developmental problems


Experiences with local Home Visiting Programs

Family Stories:

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